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If we are working overtime, does this negatively impact the program?
Overtime Premium can unfavorably impact the Equishare equation and results if the overtime is unplanned or if the value add generated by the OT is lower than the actual cost of the OT. It is up to the management group to use the best judgment to ensure that when OT is worked, it is for the right reason and is either absolutely necessary, regardless of immediate cost, or that the value add generated justifies the OT expense incurred.
Why is the payout based on a percentage? Why not split it equally among employees to ensure that everyone receives the same bonus?
The payout is based on percentage of total earned payroll for each individual. The percent paid out is equal for all, but the amount earned and hours worked are not. This is the most fair way to spread the bonus available amongst all who participate.
Can you post the results of each week online? Not all employees are in the breakroom on regular basis.
We are not able top post this information on an outside Web. We will consider posting in more locations through the plant as needed.
is pace grafton hiring
As far as we know, yes.

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Supply Cost

A detailed breakdown of individual amounts of supplies as well as the cumulative cost.

About Equishare™

Equishare is a system designed to measure our company's financial performance, to communicate these measures to all associates, and to increase the earnings of eligible employees whenever the productivity goal is achieved. Equishare is "equitably sharing the gains" of improved total performance. The purpose of Equishare is to encourage, drive and reward productivity contributions from the employees of Pace-Harrison. Our goals are to improve our competitive position, to sustain profitability and job security, and to foster employee involvement in process improvements and productivity by rewarding excellent overall performance. The company recognizes the importance and contribution of each employee, and that by working together in an environment of cooperation and respect we can assure our continued mutual success.